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June 6, 2006
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The Snow Triplets by weirdink The Snow Triplets by weirdink
The Snow Triplets. These ones are strange indeed. So far we got to explain how rain is made in the mystery world, but what about snow? Well, thats where these triplets come in handy. First of all, like all triplets they are inseparable. They are always hanging out together, hovering over the sea which separates the mystery tree forest from where the white matrix lives. They re good friends with the Cloud Matrix, probably because their tasks are similar? Well, i am not sure. What i am sure of though is that these fellas got some serious skills in snow making. And you cant actually see it happen, no. theres no silly lolipops and stuff. Its just magic. its an ancient ritual, described in the Old Book as The Dance Of The Snow Triplets. Here's a quote from the book:

"When snow is needed in the Mystery world, the White Matrix has to call the Snow Triplets. The Snow Triplets then begin the Ancient Dance Of The Snow Triplets, forming an imaginary circle over the snow seal which is previously etched on the ground where snow is needed. They start moving in three different orbits, while humming the ancient chants. Then, suddenly their tentacles become transparent, making them look like three white balls which are then stacked on top of eachother, forming something that looks like a snowman. instantly, snow flakes appear to fall from the sky, covering the triplets. The snow lasts only for a day as
the triplets (which now look like a snowman) remain frozen, covered in thick snow untill it melts, thus setting them free again. " Old Book, Chapter 8, page 168

Tough job, that is.
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